Unclaimed property

Unclaimed property, as it pertains to the holdings at Manulife Wealth Inc., can include cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other receivables held in client accounts at Manulife Wealth Inc. Currently, the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Québec have established programs to assist their residents with locating unclaimed property. The following provides specific information for each of these provinces and the rest of Canada.

  • Alberta

    The province of Alberta has established a service for residents who have lost track of property as a result of business or personal circumstances.

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  • British Columbia

    The province of British Columbia has regulations that require holders of unclaimed property, where the current or last known address of the owner is in British Columbia, to make reasonable efforts to contact the owners and advise them of their unclaimed assets. In addition, the province has established an unclaimed property program to assist residents with recovering unclaimed property.

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  • Québec

    The province of Québec has established a service that assists individuals with locating unclaimed property. Revenu Québec is the agency responsible for recovering and administering unclaimed property for citizens of Québec.

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  • Canada, excluding Alberta, British Columbia and Québec

    If you have reason to believe that Manulife Wealth Inc. is holding unclaimed property on your behalf, please complete the Unclaimed Property Claim form and sent to:

    Unclaimed Properties Team
    Manulife Wealth
    1235 North Service Road West, Oakville, ON, L6M 2W2

    If you have any questions please send an email to MLS_UnclaimedProperty@manulife.com.