About us

For over 20 years, Manulife Wealth (formerly Manulife Securities) advisors have been helping Canadians feel confident about their finances through personalized advice and strategies for every stage of their life. As a client of Manulife Wealth, you benefit from the resources and expertise of Manulife, the global parent company. Since 1887*, Manulife serves one in four Canadians** and has over $1.3 trillion (US$1.0 trillion) in assets under management and administration at the end of 2022+. We work with more than 1,000± independent advisors across the country and we’re ready to help you invest in your future.

Advice beyond investments

Manulife Wealth advisors can make a difference to your financial future, helping you get financial advice that goes beyond investments. By learning what’s important to you, your advisor will tailor advice and solutions specific to your goals and priorities, and help you prepare for the unexpected.

Here are some financial decisions you can discuss with a Manulife Wealth advisor***

Retirement planning

You deserve a comfortable retirement, but it takes careful planning. Building the right portfolio is just part of the process that will help get you there.

Goal setting

Buying that dream vacation home or saving for a unique piece of art takes strategic planning. Our advisors use a goals-based approach to help you achieve your version of success.

Estate planning

Your legacy matters. Manulife Wealth advisors ensure that your wealth and your wishes are respected as they pass to the next generation.

Business planning

You know your business best, but our advisors can work with you to help maximize the value of your business and monetize it when the time is right.


Expect the unexpected. Your Manulife Wealth advisor can work with you to help safeguard your loved ones with insurance solutions that can protect your finances and your future.


Your advisor may bring your giving goals to life with effective charitable giving strategies, supporting the causes that matter to you most.


From dollar cost averaging to a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) and everything in between, your advisor can counsel you on how to save more of your hard-earned dollars and put them to work to help you grow and preserve your hard-earned wealth.

Tax planning

Don’t let the complicated and ever-changing tax rules diminish your assets. Our tax experts can help make sure you get what you’re owed.

Our firms

Manulife Wealth is comprised of an investment and mutual fund dealer, and an insurance services distributor. Our advisors will work closely with you to provide the advice you need and give you access to a wide range of product solutions and services that best suit you. 

* Note: Public available information

** As of December 31, 2022, Manulife Corporate calculation based on assumptions: 7,162,631 Manulife customers in Canada Market (all business units) compared to total Canadian population 18+ at 31,615,827 Statistics Canada (Add/Remove data - Population estimates on July 1st, by age and sex (statcan.gc.ca)) .

+ Manulife Financial Corporation. Annual Report 2022

± As of December 2023

***Manulife Wealth advisors are only able to offer services for which they have the required proficiencies and licensing. If necessary, your advisor can connect you with another qualified advisor in a specialty area.