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“If I had to do it all over again, I’d still choose Manulife Wealth. Here’s why: I’m independent – my book of business belongs to me. I’m free to make objective choices – with access to a complete array of investment options. The payout model is high and they have a proactive approach to the endless world of regulatory changes. Manulife Wealth listens and leadership cares. They encourage advisor feedback and then take action. With Manulife Wealth, I know I’m backed by a trusted, reputable industry leader who is there when I need them.” 

Jeff Hull – Mississauga, Ontario

“The transition from my previous dealer was handled very efficiently by the Advisor Transition Team. Also Manulife Wealth’s executive management treated me with great respect regarding a personal crisis during my transition period. My experience during and since my move has definitely exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with my decision to join Manulife Wealth.”

Bob Seel – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“I’m impressed with the platform and culture at Manulife Wealth and I strongly recommend the firm to advisors looking at making a change. Since moving from a large bank dealer, the quality of work-life balance has been very positive and my clients seem to appreciate the new collaborative environment. It is really all about the client and the advisor - the firm supports the relationship.”

Jon Batchelor – Winnipeg, Manitoba

“While most firms have comparable and competitive platforms, I was searching for a firm that supports a financial advisor’s right to provide clients with independent, unbiased advice. Manulife Wealth is an open architecture environment where clients’ interests, not the firm’s, are at the forefront. I have been thoroughly impressed with the independent platform Manulife has established to support the entrepreneurial nature of this business. If you are interested in creating your own vision, developing your own strategy, building and managing your own independent practice, you should explore this model.”

Sean Folstad – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“With Manulife I have found a partner with a depth of support and comprehensive technology services beyond my expectations; and their reasonable approach to business, compliance and risk management demonstrates their understanding of the needs of the independent advisor.”

Marc Hamel – Burlington, Ontario

“Complete control and freedom best describe how I feel. I now control the makeup of my book. With the noise gone, I’ve become the advisor I’ve wanted to be in both client service and portfolio management.”

Mark Sikorski – Toronto, Ontario

“Strong brand yet total independence from any bias to any Manulife product; very supportive network of experts to help build my business from securities to insurance; very clear client reporting; strong compliance guidelines and very much a collegial and co-operative overall environment.”

Tim Wilson – Oakville, Ontario

“For me to feel confident about making the transition from a bank-owned firm, I wanted a strong brand and fair compensation scale. I knew my clients wouldn’t be comfortable just anywhere – and why move from one bank to another – only to find the same structure. Manulife Wealth was the perfect choice for me. They are one of the most recognizable brands in Canada with tremendous depth of support, yet they still offer personalized advisor services. In addition, Manulife Wealth’s compensation structure is entrepreneurial, which is great! Change is never easy, but I have no regrets with this one. From Head Office to local support, Manulife Wealth has it figured out. My clients love being affiliated with the Manulife brand.”

Gregory Stanley – Moncton, New Brunswick

“The strength and brand recognition of Manulife was an important part of the decision to leave my position with a bank-owned firm. The support from both our head office and regional team allowed for a smooth transition for my clients. I am now focused on building my business in a way that focuses on my client’s goals, and not those of the company or management. Manulife Wealth is a full-service firm that brings back the entrepreneurial spirit. Giving Martin a call was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

David Whittemore – New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

“There comes a time in every IA’s career when what is truly important takes on critical significance – and it isn’t money. It is how one perceives oneself going forward, in control of one’s destiny, or being unhappily controlled by corporate agendas that may conflict with one’s personal values. Manulife Wealth gave me the freedom to operate my business in total harmony with my personal values. Now, it is once again fun to come to work, in my own business, in command of my future. It is rejuvenating!”

Fred Dodd – St. John’s, N.L.

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