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We understand that leaving your current firm can seem daunting. With our support, you can focus on your clients, confident in the knowledge that we are with you every step of the way. Our dedicated Transition Team has years of experience and significant bench strength. They are professional, intuitive, conscientious and caring. You’ll have their support for up to a year after coming on board. Whether you are mid-career and moving a substantial book or in late-career and planning your exit strategy, we have the resources you need to transition to the next exciting stage of your life.

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From the moment you walk into Manulife Wealth, you’ll notice the difference.

  • Freedom

    At Manulife Wealth, you run your business - your way.  When you're free to provide advice that's liberated from unwanted influences or corporate distractions, the result is a superior alignment between your clients and the structure your practice. We recognize the value of your advice to clients. At our Dealer, you're the one who chooses which, and the extent to which, our programs and services may be suitable to recommend to your clients.

  • Independence

    As a Manulife Wealth advisor, you work for your clients and for yourself. You own and control your book of business. We also believe it’s your right to be the exclusive beneficiary of the business equity you create. When the time comes to monetize your book at the end of your career, or by circumstances, you have the freedom to do so on your own terms.

  • Professional support for professional advice

    We’re committed to providing you with the professional support you need to help you deliver qualified, impartial, objective advice. From financial planning and business development tools to progressive digital enhancements that improve your productivity and enhance your clients’ experience. You’ll find everything you need to support your success now and in the future.

  • Collaboration, not competition

    There is no room for ambiguity when it comes to collaboration. Change is constant and advisors have a heightened sense as to whether their organization is working with them or whether it has internal forces seemingly competing against them. At Manulife Wealth, we respect you and the practice you’ve worked hard to build.  We are structured to work with you and our intention is to advance your goals and to overcome challenges. Our relentless, forward-thinking orientation and expertise in thoughtful business modeling has borne a highly trusted organization, with enduring alignment and congruency between advisors’ business interests and ours, that we believe is industry-leading. 

M is for More

  • Globally recognized brand

    Manulife Wealth is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial — 1 in 5 Canadians own at least one Manulife life, health or wealth management product.

  • Corporate strength and longevity

    Manulife has been helping Canadians reach their goals for 133 years. Manulife Wealth has more than 1200 independent advisors across the country.

  • Comprehensive selection of products and dealer programs

    Our expansive shelf includes stocks, bonds, new issues, options, mutual funds, ETFs, transactional and fee-based accounts, separately-managed accounts, advisor-managed discretionary accounts and more, making it easy for you to fulfill the needs of a wide range of wealth management clients.

  • Access to capital markets capabilities

    Manulife Wealth investment banking and equity capital markets capabilities will provide you with the research, support and expertise to help give you that competitive edge when you need it.

  • Full service open-architecture platform

    Our open-architecture platform provides you with the flexibility and support to grow your practice, your way. At the same time, we are a full-service platform that enables you to compete in the most significant facets of the wealth management space.

  • Dedicated transition team and operational support

    Whether you are in mid-career and moving a substantial book or in late-career and planning your exit strategy, we have the onboarding and succession planning resources you need to plan for either of these transitions in your life.

Why more Advisors and Portfolio Managers are choosing Manulife Wealth

Our business model and professional dealer platform supports individual advisors as well as large advisor teams. You’ll have the resources, tools and support you need to succeed.

Distinct financial advantage and breadth to compete with the best

Manulife Wealth advisors benefit from the financial strength of Manulife and our forward-thinking orientation. We are able to support a high payout business model that is broad and adaptable to the ever-changing, competitive Dealer landscape.

High Payout Model

You choose - Large branch or boutique-style individual office. Both have the means to flourish with our high payout business model. With superior compensation, you have the financial resources to customize a physical and digital business presence that reflects and differentiates the value of your offering in the marketplace. Our reasonable cost structure ensures that you retain significantly more of your earnings every year than would otherwise be possible under traditional dealer models.

Financial incentive program

We offer a confidential financial incentive program to qualified financial advisors to assist with their transition to Manulife Wealth.

Comprehensive dealer shelf

Our expansive shelf includes stocks, bonds, options, new issues, mutual funds, ETFs, and more - making it easy for you to fulfill the needs of a wide range of clients as you see fit.

Access to capital markets capabilities

Our investment banking and equity capital markets divisions provide access to new issues, private placements, research, support, and expertise to help you successfully compete in the wealth management space.

Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc. is our full-service MGA with diversity among multiple insurance carriers. Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc. provides comprehensive insurance support to help you service and grow your insurance business. Our business development team offers tax and estate planning expertise, advanced casework support, and product and illustration support.

Network of partners

As a Manulife Wealth advisor, you can enhance service to clients with introductions to Manulife Bank for mortgages, Manulife insurance specialists, tax and estate planning experts and Manulife Private Wealth.

Full-service Dealer platform and fee-based accounts

You have a diverse clientele with wealth management needs that range from the unsophisticated to the very complex. To address these needs, Manulife Wealth offers financial advisors a comprehensive, full-service Dealer platform, including three robust, fee-based programs. These programs help you create personalized solutions for your clients based on their individual wealth needs.

Advisor Managed Program

The Advisor Managed Program enables appropriately accredited Manulife Wealth Inc. advisors to operate their businesses under a discretionary trading model as an CIRO registered Portfolio Manager. In the program, clients waive their right to authorize recommended trades and delegate trading authority to their personal portfolio manager. As an CIRO registered Portfolio Manager, you will benefit from transformational efficiency gains that improve the profitability of your practice and enhance your client relationships.

Masters Private Account Program

Manulife Wealth Masters Private Account Program is a separately managed account (SMA) investment management program that offers clients direct access to world class Portfolio Managers who are dedicated to managing money in a way that addresses individual clients' investment objectives.

Premier Investment Program

Premier Investment Program is a fee-based platform that offers a range of investment services and the ability to hold a wide variety of investment products including mutual funds and individual stocks and bonds. Virtually every investment offered at Manulife Wealth can be held in a Premier plan.

Digital strength

As a financial advisor, your business is built on the strength of client relationships. Increasingly, however, those relationships expect you to have technology that is suitable for the preferences and busy lives of today’s client. For that reason, we continue to invest in the technology that provides our advisors with best-in-class digital tools, including:

Digital customer portal

Your clients enjoy convenient, secure, 24/7 access to their portfolio details, including statements, trading activity, and market value.

Digital data transformation

Built with our advisors, for our advisors. Our Electronic Data Interface (EDI) is your integrated solution for ongoing account maintenance and service. It changes the game from traditional paper-based, labour-intensive processes to a dynamic digital environment that saves advisors and staff considerable time in fulfilling client requests. It improves efficiency and makes life easier for you and your clients. Our E-Signature tool enables your clients to digitally sign and return required authorizations for account maintenance and new account opening, so these elements can be managed separately from in-person client meetings, enabling you to bring components of higher value to the time you spend with clients. Both tools are driven by DocuSign technology for ease of obtaining electronic client signatures and have built-in workflows for complete end-to-end processing, including electronic branch manager approvals.

Digital marketing presence

To help you enhance your digital footprint, we provide you with professional website development, social media, and digital marketing support. This program provides you with customizable website design. It includes built-in compliance workflow, access to social media tools, and pre-approved content to share across all platforms.

Digital professional development and onboarding program

Whether you are an advisor who is onboarding to Manulife Wealth or an existing advisor with our Dealer, we deliver professional training resources in a digital environment as an alternative to onsite training at our head office or to complement onsite training. We also have a convenient learning series you and your staff can access that covers specific seasonal business operations, specialized topics, and processes specific to a broad spectrum of business functions.  

Leading business development programs and support

Manulife Wealth brings significant depth in business development programs and enterprise solutions to help you with your business. It is delivered to you with the support of our committed professionals. Their know-how is but one of the elements that will help set you apart from the competition.

Succession Planning Program

Inevitably, all advisors leave this business, either by plan or by circumstances. It is never too early to work with our Succession Planning team to develop and implement strategies to protect your business and ensure a successful transition to the next owner. We provide one-on-one coaching to help you plan your exit strategy, develop contingency plans, value your business, transition your business, access financing through Manulife Bank, recruit a successor if needed, and work with your tax and legal professionals to ensure you are able to transition your book as you intend.

Associate Advisor Program

Whether you need an associate advisor to help service and grow your book, or to be developed into a potential successor, our Associate Advisor Program can help you. We deliver a customized plan to identify, coach, and develop your associate advisor through a personalized curriculum based on their strengths and style so they master what it takes to become an indispensable member of your team.

Practice Management Program

A dynamic program to address your ever-changing practice management needs. We offer practical advice, value-added resources and proven tools to help you run your successful practice. You will close process gaps, realize efficiencies and delight your clients.

Planning-Oriented Advisor Program

Designed for the advisor who wants to collaborate with their clients to create holistic planning solutions. We deliver expert support from our Financial Planning Consultants, technical support, case consultation, exclusive education, and best practices training. Your clients will experience enhanced value and will be better prepared for their futures. This can help grow your practice through client acquisition, cross-selling, and efficiency gains.

Business technology consulting support

Our Field Technology Consultants will consult with you on infrastructure best practices, technology related to hardware/software, Manulife software, new technology, remote office capabilities, cyber-security, paperless office processes and structure, and smart phones.

Business development team support

Our active team consists of senior business development professionals who consult with you on your business needs and deliver focused business development content through one-on-one meetings and digitally-enabled regional conferences. Effectively, they help lead you in growth, transition and business development. Whether you run a traditional practice, or you wish to expand your offering to establish a corporation with multiple eligible revenue streams, our Business Development team is here to support the vision you have for your business.

Integrated Growth Advantage

Manulife Wealth comprises both CIRO and CIRO registered legal entities – Manulife Wealth Inc. and Manulife Wealth Inc., respectively.

For advisors who wish to convert from CIRO to CIRO, we have developed a unique program to help them do so successfully, in most cases without having to repaper their clients. In our experience, advisors who undertake this conversion have experienced extensive growth in their book of business and in their practice. It has also helped retiring advisors maximize the value of their practice. Advisors wishing to remain operating under Manulife Wealth Inc. are welcome to do so, and they enjoy the same professional support as our Manulife Wealth Inc. advisors.

This is just one example of our competitive adaptability, forward-thinking approach and willingness to operate outside the box.

Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc.

Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc. provides comprehensive insurance support to help meet the needs of your clients including:

  • Access to top insurance carriers
  • Experienced business development team offering tax and estate planning services, case consultation and product/illustration support
  • Dedicated team of case coordinators for new business processing and policy service
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Dedicated contracting and compliance team

Leading Recognition Programs

We celebrate your outstanding achievements through recognition conferences and programs.

President’s Circle

Conference recognizing the top 25 Manulife Wealth advisors

Circle of Excellence

Conference recognizing the top 100 Manulife Wealth advisors

Circle of Achievement

Annual program recognizing the top 250 Manulife Wealth and Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc. advisors


Signature program recognizing excellence and long-term partnership with Manulife Wealth

Tradition of Excellence

Annual recognition event, held regionally, to celebrate our top advisors with annual sales awards and to welcome Ovation achievers into the program

Professional education programs

Manulife has a long history of delivering industry-leading educational programs that are relevant, professional, forward-thinking, and thought-provoking. We set high standards for these programs. These programs are delivered nationally, regionally and locally. 

Investment Forum and Virtual Forums

Our annual National Investment Forum and Virtual Forums are industry-leading events intended to help you connect, learn and grow. With the participation of our mutual fund company partners, other industry participants, compliance, technology, keynote speakers, and access to senior Manulife leaders, our advisors return year after year to these best-in-class industry conferences.

Advisory Services Business Forums

Advisory Services Business Forums are held annually in locations across Canada and online. These events provide you with an opportunity to connect with senior leaders at Manulife in a setting that is conducive for effective thought exchange and open dialogue. Balanced content is presented, including Dealer and Insurance updates, sales, technology, compliance and financial planning, based on the current business environment to advance the common growth interests of your business and ours.

Regional meetings

We have a full calendar of regional meetings designed with a focus on your specific business interests. The meeting topics include sales, enterprise programs, best-practices presentations from other advisors, sharing of market intelligence, and business development.

Professionally-led study groups

Manulife has a long history of gathering and hosting small groups of like-minded professional advisors in an environment that fosters sharing and growth. Led by our Business Development professionals, these groups come together voluntarily to share best practices and to learn from one other. Some of these groups have been together for decades while others are more recent. In these groups, all participants bring their authentic contributions to share, making them among the most valued of all our professional education programs.

Your transition experience to Manulife Wealth

Our Transition Team has significant bench-strength. They are a special group of experienced, knowledgeable and collaborative professionals. They work together as a team and have proven, year-after-year, that they have great understanding and appreciation for the advisor’s transition experience. The team consistently delivers a high level of service to support successful transitions to Manulife Wealth. The team members are conscientious and caring, which speaks to the Manulife culture and helps differentiate us from our competitors. Advisors are assigned a dedicated transition team member. One fundamental aspect in the success of this team is their deep knowledge about all facets of our Dealer’s back office. This is a reassuring level of competency. We really like to emphasize that a number of people on this team also have previous experience as professional support staff in advisors’ offices. We think this experience also helps explain why we have such quick turnaround times during a transition. The leader of this team has developed a thoughtful, consultative approach to advisor transitions. At the core of this approach is the commitment to be adaptable so as to provide the right style of support to suit the advisor’s needs. When you consider that our team may complete as many as 70 advisor transitions in a year, clearly, we are doing something right. 

  • “The transition from my previous dealer was handled very efficiently by the Advisor Transition Team. Also Manulife Wealth executive management treated me with great respect regarding a personal crisis during my transition period. My experience during and since my move has definitely exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with my decision to join Manulife Wealth.”

    Bob Seel – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “I’m impressed with the platform and culture at Manulife Wealth and I strongly recommend the firm to advisors looking at making a change. Since moving from a large bank dealer, the quality of work-life balance has been very positive and my clients seem to appreciate the new collaborative environment. It is really all about the client and the advisor - the firm supports the relationship.”

    Jon Batchelor – Winnipeg, Manitoba

  • “The strength and brand recognition of Manulife was an important part of the decision to leave my position with a bank-owned firm. The support from both our head office and regional team allowed for a smooth transition for my clients. I am now focused on building my business in a way that focuses on my client’s goals, and not those of the company or management. Manulife Wealth is a full-service firm that brings back the entrepreneurial spirit. Giving them a call was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

    David Whittemore – New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

  • “With Manulife I have found a partner with a depth of support and comprehensive technology services beyond my expectations; and their reasonable approach to business, compliance and risk management demonstrates their understanding of the needs of the independent advisor.”

    Marc Hamel – Burlington, Ontario

  • “While most firms have comparable and competitive platforms, I was searching for a firm that supports a financial advisor’s right to provide clients with independent, unbiased advice. Manulife Wealth is an open architecture environment where clients’ interests, not the firm’s, are at the forefront. I have been thoroughly impressed with the independent platform Manulife has established to support the entrepreneurial nature of this business. If you are interested in creating your own vision, developing your own strategy, building and managing your own independent practice, you should explore this model.”

    Sean Folstad – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “If I had to do it all over again, I’d still choose Manulife Wealth. Here’s why: I’m independent – my book of business belongs to me. I’m free to make objective choices – with access to a complete array of investment options. The payout model is high and they have a proactive approach to the endless world of regulatory changes. Manulife Wealth listens and leadership cares. They encourage advisor feedback and then take action. With Manulife Wealth, I know I’m backed by a trusted, reputable industry leader who is there when I need them.”

    Jeff Hull – Mississauga, Ontario

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We invite you to explore an environment where work is enjoyable again and your surroundings are healthy. Talk to us today and find out what your life could be like at Manulife Wealth. Your call will be held in strictest confidence.

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