Our streamlined Dataphile platform provides straight-through trade processing – from your computer to our back office. The real-time, back-office processing engine is a two-sided record-keeping and reporting system that is fully compliant with both CIRO and CIRO regulatory environments. Dataphile is the source for all official client reporting including statements, trade confirmations and tax slips.

Dataphile Mobile

A real-time mobile extension to Dataphile, Dataphile Mobile allows you to access your clients’ account holdings and transaction histories, view and generate reports and place mutual fund and equity trades through a wireless web connection on your mobile tablet.


Repsource is the portal to all of the tools and information you require to do business. In addition to being the repository for marketing materials, information about taxation, compliance guidelines, administrative forms and best practices to aid your business, Repsource is the single sign-on source for all of the industry and dealership news you need on a daily basis.


Successfully submitting new business is key to any advisor's success. To ensure your transactions meet all requirements and your clients' accounts and portfolios remain in good order, Manulife Wealth provides you with access to WealthGuide. WealthGuide is the central repository for policy and procedure details, guidelines for business transactions, information about fee structures, and all of the forms you require from applications to trade processing to tax.

Client Manager Web

Client Manager Web is an online portfolio reporting tool that automatically integrates a client's dealer business with any other Manulife holdings and accounts the clients may own. Web-based access to this tool allows for the retrieval of client data anywhere there is an Internet connection.


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